Southern Legacy
Photo Album
Cooper as a pup
This is Bill showing Cooper in the dogs 1yr and older over 12.5" R/Br conformation class.
As you can see Moonshine made herself right at home.  This blanket was intended to keep the ex pen covered.  She thought it was something to sleep in!
That's Maggie in the back.  She is starting to get the race thing down.  She is very fast.  Just give her a few more practice runs and those other dogs will be eating her dust.
Carolinas Autumn Fest 2008
This is a beautiful lake at Biggerstaff Park in Dallas, NC where the trial was held.  We had the pleasure of parking our camper right up next to this magnificent view.  We had such a wonderful time.  The trial was soooo much fun.  Again, we met some new faces and we spent time getting to know some of the people we had met at previous trials.  What a great bunch of people!  
This is our dog Misty.   She is 7  now and what a sweetheart.
She is a great puppy sitter too.  Misty loves to chase lizards and squirrels.
This is Hooch.  He is a wonderful watch dog but he is also a great companion.   My daughter brought him home 6 years ago for Bill shortly after he lost his rotty "Cody".    He's been by Bill's side ever since.
Maggie is such a pretty girl!  She always stands with such pride.
Raife (my grandson) and Scarlet
Cooper checking to see what's going on outside.
Cooper, Calleigh, and Raife at bedtime
2009 Carolina's Spring Classic Trial Photo's
Bill with Red
Michelle with Taz
Me with Gabby
That's Maggie in the lead!
Maggie again...looks to be 3rd
Peaches watching the races.
Peaches and I are in the middle.
Gabby and Scarlett.
Pictures below are courtesy of MVP PICTS.
Copper in conformation.
Taz watching the races
Gabby in conformation.  She took 1st place in her class both days.
Red (in the green) racing.