Howdy y'all.  Please come on in for a visit.

  Southern Legacy 
We get all kinds of visitors.
The Geese keeping their distance from the storks.   
Our Moncks Corner Home.  
We are very excited about the quality terriers we have had the privilege of bringing home to Southern Legacy Terriers.  Once we decided to show and breed these wonderful little terriers, we sought out exceptional blood lines with excellent conformation, great structure, sweet yet bold temperaments, and a true hunting ability.   
We have great expectations for each one of our terriers and feel confident they will do us and their breeders proud in the show ring, in the field, and on the couch.
Hello and Welcome 
We are Southern Legacy Terriers.  We lived in Moncks Corner, South Carolina for 37 years and have recently moved to Bamberg, SC.  Our terrier story began when our house seemed a bit empty after our daughters left home.  We adopted our first Jack Russell Terrier, Calleigh.   Calleigh is such a special little lady.  She is a smart, loving, loyal, and mellow.  She is enjoying life with Rusty, Beth, and Guinness.

When we decided we wanted to add another JRT to our family and felt we hit the jack pot when we found Cooper.  What the perfect gentleman he was.  He was quite the charmer, affectionate, super smart, and very laid back.   Little did we know bringing Cooper into our lives would open up a whole new adventure for us.  

I can never thank Pat Winslow enough for allowing me to adopt this special fella.   Pat, you are truly a wonderful person and have been a great teacher and friend, not just to me, but to so many others.   Through Pat we learned about and started attending the JRTCA trials.  We have had such a blast and have met many wonderful people at the trials.  What great family fun!    

Jack Russells are intelligent, active (some more than others), and get bored easily.  They love to snuggle in your lap but they also love to hunt, run, chase things, and dig wherever they smell something interesting.   Oh... and did I mention they do not always listen if they are out playing or hunting...much like a child.  

If you are thinking of adopting one of these spunky little critters for pleasure or for show, please go to the JRTCA web site at and read more about them.  Jack Russell Terriers are great companions for some but not for  all.

Calleigh and Cooper
This is a pair of wood storks that stopped by for a snack.   They are on the Federal Endangered Species List
Below.....Our new home as of September 2019.  
We were so blessed to find that perfect little farm out in a quiet and friendly area.  Love the country life and the wonderful new neighbors we have!!!