Southern Legacy 
Southern Legacy Pearl 
Owner Bret Kackley
Congratulations to Bret and Pearl for a job well done at The Arctic Blast Terrier Trials in Wisconsin
She is pretty fast. She took second on Saturday and Sunday in racing and third in hurdles she took sixth in lure. She took second in confirmation.
Way to go you two...Pearl is almost 9 months old.  
Photo's courtesy of Bret.

Our little Pearl is doing wonderful at the JRT Trials.  ​

On Tue, 10/4/16,Bret sent me a message to let me know just how well our little Pearl is doing at the trials.  See below.    


> Mid-America working terrier trial  Norfolk Nebraska 

> Flat racing 5th     Steeplechase 6th     GTG 5th
> Super earth 2nd     Trailing and locating 5th
> Flat racing 4th     Steeplechase 6th

> Buckingham blitz  Raymond Minnesota 

> Flat racing 3rd     Steeplechase 4th     Go-fur-it 4th

> Flat racing 2nd     Steeplechase 2nd      GTG 1st 

> Midwest summer celebration  Sandwich Illinois

> GTG 2nd      Barn hunt  5th      Brush hunt  2nd (reserve champion)

> GTG  4th      Super earth  3rd      Lure course 6th
> Brush hunt 6th      Thunder tunnel 6th

> Magnolia classic  Germantown Tennessee 

> Barn hunt 6th      Lure course 5th       GTG 3rd      Super earth 2nd 

> GTG 4th      Super earth 3rd      Barn hunt 4th      Brush hunt 1st (fastest time award 4.2 seconds)